04 – 08 – 16

here i am in paris a week ago! i had an amazing time with my best friend.

i went to a french school when i was young so i speak french fluently 🙂

paris is definitely one of my two favorite cities (the other is ny hehe)

41 2 3 shirt – equipment; jeans – levi’s; bag – coach x disney; sunglasses – kate spade

love you guys! and enjoy the rest of the summer ❤



And… NYFW Begins!

I know, I know, there really is no *official* beginning of NY Fashion Week, but I like to think that today is the day. Designers, especially lesser known ones, have already begun to present so it’s more like NY Fashion Fortnight, but that doesn’t have quite the ring, does it?

Let me make a few brief predictions about what we’ll be seeing for Spring 2015:

  • Luxurious simplicity.
  • Prints: fun prints, wild prints, and subdued prints.
  • Pastels (again) with a spot of fuchsia or purple. For some reason I cannot visualize neons for the next spring season.
  • Flat(ish) shoes.
  • The revival of the stylish backpack.
  • A slightly grunge vibe. Come on, with Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent, this is basically a 100% certainty.

There you go, that’s my vision for next spring / summer. Time, and Vogue, will tell if I’m correct.

Now I just want to write a few sentences about Band of Outsiders’ Spring 2015 collection because I am completely obsessed with it.

It opened with this look:



As soon as I saw this I already got excited for Spring. Perfect skirt? Check. Awesome shoes? Check. Wear-everywhere shirt? Check. The cool hat, though slightly unwearable, is the icing on top.

The collection continued with its unique grungy / laid-back / deconstructed vibe:



Reminds me just a tiny bit of Marc Jacobs Spring 2014. The shoes here are to die for as well.



This look is almost preppy, but I love how laid-back it is while still looking so put-together.

My verdict: Band of Outsiders nailed it, especially with the shoes. They have captured that attitude most people only dream of possessing and I’m sure this will make them a huge hit next spring.





A Clean Slate for Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou is synonymous with prints. And not just any prints, but of the eye-popping, ridiculously intricate, attention mongering, digital print variety. It is Katrantzou’s signature, so I expected nothing less from her for the Fall 2014 season.

But some of her looks had no prints at all

[I’ll just let the shock sink in.]

This is, really, a true act of bravery. In the last seasons, Katrantzou came up with increasingly creative prints, so creative that it is more fitting to call them art. Who doesn’t remember her stamps, her zoomed-in shoe motif, her flowers, or any of her recent collections? And not only is she a master of this art, but her clothing is wearable taken one piece at a time.

This season, Katrantzou focused on the symbolic power of symbols, from the high (religious motifs) to the low (bathroom signs). Strung together, these created an intricate illusion of lace. 


This is without doubt an editorial piece. But notice that while Katrantzou challenges convention, there is a slight Elizabethan era collar and structure to be found in the dress. Mixing the old with the new, and the high with the low.

The following pieces are extremely wearable and are sure to be a huge retail hit. The lack of print is disconcerting at first, but the structure and interesting use of materials are noticeable here as well. 





I love the snake motif; it reinforces the clash between primal and urban instincts. Or is it really a blend and not a clash? A philosophical question to consider…

One of my favorites pieces:


This whole collection is extremely covetable. I am not ashamed to say that I want to buy every single piece – the common fashionista’s dilemma. 

Without a doubt, Mary Katrantzou’s act of bravery will pay off. She has literally designed a clean slate for herself.

She has reminded us all us all that she is capable of much more than just prints.

She has reminded us that she is a designer to be reckoned with.



p.s. What do you think of Katrantzou’s collection. Were you as surprised as I was? Tell me what you think in the comments below! ❤