NYFW 12 – 02 – 15

Today is the first(ish) day of NY fashion week! Finally 🙂

Three important things you should know:

1 – There is going to be a men’s fashion week this year in July for the first time. And I’m definitely still going! Men’s fashion is just as interesting, and I love wearing men’s shirts, belts, and sometimes shoes (if I find the right size).

2 – The shows are super scattered this year – fueling the rumors that Mercedes-Benz might relocate from its now traditional spot “to a new undisclosed downtown location”. But it won’t be Hudson Yards. Of course Lincoln Center is still the hub right now, but this week everybody is sprinting from midtown to downtown and from downtown to uptown. Schedules get tight.

3 – Tom Ford is presenting in LA this season. This is one of ny’s most significant shows, so the fashion crowd is not pleased (who has time to fly from ny to LA and back again the same day?). But Ford knows what he’s doing: it’s days before the Oscars and there will be more than enough willing stars to make up for the missing fashion editors. Smart.

Here I am:


shirt – vintage italian silk men’s; skirt – Club Monaco; shoes – Ash; bag – Shrimps; bangles – Kate Spade

Some highlights of the shows / presentations I attended:

Desigual (at Lincoln Center)

As always, really fun bright clothes – even for winter / fall. The Desigual girl is always smiling and everyone was too at the end of this show. Nothing avant garde or exciting though.


Saunders (at Ed’s Chowder House)

Presentation inspired by Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall series during the Tudor reign of Henry VIII. Amazing coincidence – I’m reading those books at this moment (no joke). Beautiful jewelry and vintage pieces. Makeup mimicked white lead paint court women used to wear – seriously, very white.



Yuna Yang (at 3 West Club)

My favorite show by far! Classic but still very cool. The invitation says the theme was “hunting without guns”.

I fell in love with the sneakers and I might be buying them. Also loved the plaid and lace details. Awesome overall and I’m already looking forward to their collection next season. Definitely keep an eye on this designer.

Video I took of the final walk:

Gif 2Let me know if you want to see any more in depth reviews.




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