08 – 01 – 15

My first post of 2015!

1And yes, I can totally parallel park. Take that ad.


5Watching the ducks and me being too lazy to put my coat back on.

6top – Marc by Marc Jacobs; jeans – Seven for all Mankind; sweater – Free People; scarf – my dad gave it to me because I stole his (and lost it); shoes – Jeffrey Campbell; bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs; coat – Chinese Laundry

The Zadig & Voltaire bag joined me in the last pictures because… I found an empty Zadig bag on the street and started carrying it around… Haha no, you guys know what happened, I can’t resist Z & V.

I kept my bag close after coming close to losing it a few times. There’s nothing as horrible as that moment of terror just when you realize you lost something argh

Happy New Year everyone and survive the cold! ❤





35 thoughts on “08 – 01 – 15

  1. I saw your comment on my page, and my thoughts said something along the lines of: “What an absolute darling. Oh, that’s a clever name for a blog… hmm, I think I better hitch a ride over to her account and see what this girl’s got!” And sure enough, you blew my socks off! You have exquisite taste, and I’m jealous that you live in the Big Apple. Beautimous girl! 🙂

  2. See this is what I am talking about in my Nerdvember outfit round up when I am lamenting my ability to make interesting outfits with tee shirts! You have a simple outfit but it looks stylish rather than low effort.

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