Nanette Lepore NYFW Spring 2015

Fashion week is officially over as of Thursday. This makes me so sad, especially since I’m not one of the people who’s jetting over to Paris and London to review the next collections. But one day I will be! I’m keeping my fingers crossed guys.

Before the show started, the man sitting across from me in the first row – right next to the runway entrance – introduced himself to me. He was Nanette Lepore’s husband! He was so sweet, and very excited about the collection.

Lepore’s collection was like a straight shot of sunny, beachy fun. The tone was laid-back, cheerful, and carefree. Even the models were laughing and dancing behind the scenes (yes, I could see this from my seat)! The music was amazing, and you could feel the energy in the atmosphere. It perfectly captured that cool bohemian mood.

Mellow yellow, one of the standout shades for Spring 2015, was combined with pretty pastels and some prints evoking Southern France:


The heels add some edge. There were two or three swimwear pieces but I think that this one stood out most of all. It’s a one-piece, but it’s still sexy in a careless kind of way.


Look at how this flows. French stripes with a non-French silhouette.

This look is one of my favorites. I love how it almost looks like sleepwear.


And yes, the Birkenstock is here to stay whether you hate it or love it.

I think that this picture captures the overall mood very well:

1Excuse the head of that person in part of the picture – at least it’s the head of somebody related to Lepore though. And I’m in love with those pants.

Lepore’s brother and niece led the final lap in an energizing conga line. So fun! It’s great to see a designer with a sense of humor.




22 thoughts on “Nanette Lepore NYFW Spring 2015

  1. Hey, I am in love with this post! I just wish that I am a part of this phenomena. I’ve always dreamed of watching a fashion show. How do you ever get such opportunity? Does someone invite you, like the fashion designer, him/herself or another company? Or do you buy yourself your own ticket? I’m so curious.

      1. If you know anyone who has any, absolutely any, contacts in the industry that’s great. Try to attend as many social events as possible where you *might* meet somebody. If all else fails, there’s always the option of sneaking in

  2. Please, do a post on this! I love EVERYTHING about this, the message as well as the fashion/aesthetic, and we really need more exposure of fashion as a means of expression. Also it would be fun (because I would be interested to hear your take on this) the personality of Karl Lagerfeld and his motivations on doing this show in this manner, as well as using feminism to sell clothes as opposed to the many ads that objectify women.

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