Darling, I’m Wearing the Red Carpet

Hmm… what designer’s collection could this title possibly be referencing?

Yes, I am talking about Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2014 Couture collection. Surprised? Probably not anymore.

Viktor & Rolf’s collections are often a study of extremes, which also means that they either succeed spectacularly or sort of go meh spectacularly. In this case, the idea is exquisite as well as the execution but as a couture collection it fell slightly flat. I don’t want to be too harsh because I really do admire V & R and I always look forward to their shows. They are amazing artists, but sometimes their vision seems to get the better of their actual art.

For their Fall 2014 show, they wholeheartedly embraced the “contemporary obsession” of the red carpet as their theme. And seriously, when I say they embraced I mean it. They literally used red carpet for the clothing.

Because red carpet is so thick and heavy it is very difficult to work with and create wearable shapes out of. V & R are technical masters but even they cannot completely bend this stubborn material to their will. This is evident in the sometimes awkward shapes and draping of the creations. Nevertheless, their creations as a whole are complete works of art and exemplars of painstaking design. I am much more certain that this means the show will be at some point exhibited in contrast to if it will ever be actually worn in real life.

Apart from the physical aspect of the fashion, the philosophy behind it was refreshing. The act of wearing the red carpet is a subtle critique of the growing homogeneity found on the actual red carpet. (I am aware of how weird that sentence is, but I hope it makes sense). It is also a not so subtle statement of how easy it is to make something as commonplace and accepted as a red carpet into something controversial and innovative. I do wish I’d see more of that. And look at this dress:

1 While the design of it is sleek, the leopard print adds a dash of wild glamour perhaps referencing the cruel, Darwinian aspect of the entertainment world. Here, the model is wrapped up in the carpet as if she were presented as a gift (perhaps to the tabloids):


On another note, the oxford shoes are simply lovely and refreshingly simple.

In conclusion: although I love this collection in a theoretical sense, I hope that Flowerbomb sells well because…




14 thoughts on “Darling, I’m Wearing the Red Carpet

  1. I like the theory behind the collection, ‘wearing the red carpet’. I have seen this before and it reminded me of coming out the shower with a towel.

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