Zadig & Voltaire – Too Cool to Care

I always had a love / hate relationship with Zadig & Voltaire.  The hate stems from my years at a French school, where some girls I really disliked always wore Zadig tees and sweaters. So it followed that I hated Zadig & Voltaire. Now that I type this it sounds so stupid, but oh well, I’m sure you understand. I used to snicker in the hallways with one of my best friends about how horrible the quality of the clothing was, how ugly, and whatever else we could think of. But I secretly envied the effortless style of these sweaters and shirts, and how they could be worn forever without ever appearing worn out (bad quality my eye).

And then one day, my friend appeared at school wearing a pale pink Zadig & Voltaire tee. Betrayal! She asked me what I thought, and I knew that she knew that I knew what she had just done. I answered that I liked it, thus granting it my approval. An invisible barrier had been broken among us. I was inwardly relieved, and I think my friend was as well! We knew that we could now finally shop at Zadig & Voltaire. 

So yes, ultimately Zadig & Voltaire has won me (and my friend) over. We are tough to crack so this is an impressive feat. 😉

I think the appeal of the brand lies in that it is beautiful, simple, and stylish yet appears effortlessly thrown together. Note appears because all of us fashionistas know that looking not put-together is the hardest thing of all!

For their Fall 2014 collection, Zadig & Voltaire followed their established brand aesthetic to the T.

The material was luxe, though understated. The palette was muted, almost military. In some looks, there was even an undercurrent of a very feminine and rebellious cowboy theme as seen here:


This look reminds me a lot of Isabel Marant’s Fall 2012 collection. Coincidence? Or not? I wonder…

And here, the signature Zadig overalls, strewn with sparkles and glitter:



Coupled with the combat boots, this look really works. It creates the perfect combination between feminine (the sparkles), masculine, and rebellious. Because the Zadig girl is anything but conventional.

I really loved the scarves at the end of the show. They were a bit extreme, granted, but looked exceedingly comfy. Coupled with a tailored top, the scarf would add swing to any outfit. Again, the fringe here is reminiscent of cowboys. 


And for me, the piece de resistance of the show was these pair of pants:


I need these in my closet ASAP.

Of course, Zadig & Voltaire is ultimately a retail brand. This means that it will never really create anything truly controversial or startlingly innovative, but it is fun too drool over their creations nevertheless. I predict that I will be shopping a lot at Zadig come fall. To be honest, I’m already looking forward to it.

Just to finish of with a little factoid, the brand is named after the French philosopher Voltaire’s book Zadig ou la Destinée, written in 1747. Zadig, the main character, is distinguished by his charisma, his modernity, and his courage.

Hmmm… do you see any similarities?



p.s. Are there any brands you have a love / hate relationship with as well? 


3 thoughts on “Zadig & Voltaire – Too Cool to Care

  1. I must have been living under a rock because I have never heard of this designer before, but I love their look!

    I have a hate relationship with Coach, as I have made apparent by my latest blog. I think they are so overrated. Everyone owns one now. It’s disgusting!

    1. Don’t worry, sometimes I’m introduced to brands I never knew either! 😉 But that makes everything so much more exciting. And yes, I agree with you about coach. I do like their shoes a lot though. 🙂

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