Valentino Goes Mod

Valentino is my absolute favorite brand. It captured my heart years ago with its swoon-worthy, fairy-tale like gowns, skirts, and dresses. And that iconic red! *faints*

Side Note. I’m 16, so I’ve only really been following Valentino since Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have taken its helm. I have heard that there was some drama before Chiuri and Piccioli came to the scene… End Side Note.

I always look forward to the Valentino show – it transports me to an ethereal, sophisticated land where all women wear lace and the only drama that ever takes place is caused by an overly red jumpsuit. Sigh…

The first look was a complete, utter shock. I expected it to be the usual couture-similar, ladylike clothing with the usual powdering of Valentino lace. Instead:


It was sixties / fifties! And un-apologetically so. To be honest, I was horrified. This look contradicted the very essence of what I believed constituted the core of Valentino. But I have changed my mind. The craftsmanship is of the same quality, there is the pop of Valentino red (and even pink), and the structure is of beautiful, yet original, simplicity.

For those of you interested in art, Chiuri and Piccioli were inspired by female artists such as Giosetta Fioroni, Carol Rama, and Carla Accardi.

The next few looks elaborated on this mod theme, and were accompanied by this shoe:


I predict this will be both a huge retail and editorial hit.

As the show progressed, the clothing still possessed a certain edge of mod, while still referencing the more traditional Valentino designs. Butterflies emerged as a major theme. In fact, I thought these butterflies were a floral pattern instead until I looked closer. A non-traditional print that fools the viewer into viewing it as traditional? Bravo!

Here is an example:


There was a lot of evening-wear, I might even say more than usual. But in this case quality trumpeted quantity. It was absolutely stunning:


This gown is so sheer, but still possesses the classic Valentino aura of virginal purity and innocence.


This pink needs no explaining.

Valentino’s dresses contain a sort of emotional quality. They are, in their own way, heart-wrenching.

This gown is interesting:


Look at the pattern: it is composed of animals. Doesn’t that remind you of the Dolce & Gabanna collection I recently reviewed? Trend alert.

I could go on and on but I’ll spare you. I’ve already used way more pictures than I usually do – but it was so hard to choose! Forgive me. 🙂

To conclude, Valentino’s Fall 2014 collection was initially shocking and a departure from what Chiuri and Piccioli have usually done. But they are both innovators and keep pushing the boundaries of what they do. This show is only a representation of this. All in all, absolutely breathtaking.

And honestly, because both Valentino and Louis Vuitton have gone mod we will be forced, voluntarily or involuntarily, to wear mini-skirts and flats in the near future.



p.s. I’d love to hear from you! Is there anything specific you want me to post about?  ❤


8 thoughts on “Valentino Goes Mod

  1. I loved the more traditional dress at the end that looked like it belonged in a story by the Brothers Grimm: darkly mysterious and somehow ethereal, as though it came from another safer and yet stranger world. I also loved the hot pink dress which in my opinion belongs in a five-star sushi restaurant. : P On the other hand, I will have to disagree with you and tell you that no matter how wonderful Valentino is, only Ronald McDonald has the sartorial genius to pull of plastic polka dot shower curtains. I agree with you miniskirt/flat prediction, but I allow me to add to it the prediction of the apocalypse because in these cold NY winters/falls we’ll all freeze to death in miniskirts.

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