Quasi-Review: Help! McQueen is Stuck in the Past!

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely adore Sarah Burton. She is an exquisite designer with a unique flair for detail and cutting edge design. But for the last few seasons, her collections for Alexander McQueen are more and more entrenched in the past. More specifically, the Elizabethan age with high collars, pouffy dresses, and extreme femininity.

But, you might argue, isn’t McQueen all about extremes? Yes and no. Alexander never had extremes in mind when he designed, rather, he designed what he loved and what resonated with him. He did not let others shape his path; he was fearless. This is why his clothing left such indelible marks on his audience. The clothing was not only almost heartbreakingly beautiful but contained emotional depth as well. 

Classic McQueen, Spring 2010:


You never knew what to expect with McQueen – except to expect the unexpected. 

Now, all too sadly, I know what to expect. Namely, costume drama appropriate clothing. Of course, it is still stunning, intricate, and taken separately, even wearable. But Burton is in a rut! She needs to stop looking back and start looking forwards. I know she can do it because she has proven herself capable so often in the past. This is probably just a hiccup along the way. 

Here is one example from her Fall 2014 collection (it reminds me a bit of her Fall 2012 collection in fact):


So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for next season. Please, Ms. Burton, surprise us once again!



p.s. Do you agree with me? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments! ❤


11 thoughts on “Quasi-Review: Help! McQueen is Stuck in the Past!

  1. You write wonderfully 🙂
    I somewhat agree. McQueen is my absolute idol, and it’s just so sad that anyone had to take over, because no one will ever quite live up to him. I really like Burton’s aesthetic though, so I don’t think I’m tiring of it as quick as I could, although it is highly predictable. It will be a nice breath of fresh air when she does venture out of her comfort zone.

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