A Knight in Shining Dolce & Gabanna

D & G’s recent collection is otherworldly. In this case, so otherworldly that I would not hesitate to purchase every single item of their 72 looks [or steal, if the opportunity presents itself].
D & G is known for its elaborate detailing, classic Sicilian style, and extravagance. Though I could not imagine any Sicilian widow wearing some of their recent creations, they remain original, retail-friendly, and most importantly, though paradoxically, true works of art.
It is obvious that the crux of this collection is the concept of fairy tales. Though not the kid-friendly version – the darker, all-out D & G interpretation. The headpieces reference knights’ armor, the keys imply dark pathways and fateful dungeons, the deep red references blood and the famous tale of Red Riding Hood.
Clothing, like armor, protects. Yet in a sense it also imprisons. This shoe depicts this, much like a gilded cage:

This dress would not look out of place in a production of Midsummer Nights Dream. It is ethereal and delicate due to its beautiful transparent material, yet also blatantly sexy. I would not be surprised to find this piece in Queen Titania’s wardrobe!

This coat is completely made out of fur. Its design would befit an older and more experienced Riding Hood. She has just skinned her wolf and is wearing his pelt as a prize, proudly, for the world to see. It is lavish, practical, but also slightly intimidating because of its saturated color:

Notice how D & G play with the concept of a peplum.
There also seems to be a slight Russian element to the collection. The fur underscores this of course, but the plainer – though no less striking – coats, dresses, and skirts reference the Russia of Catherine the Great. Instead of princesses waiting for Prince Charming to arrive, they fearlessly take fate into their own hands and face their ennemies head-on. And face it, everybody will so be jealous of you wearing this clothing, that not turning your evil stepmother green with envy would be a miracle.

These two dresses toy with the concepts of wilderness and childhood illustrations. At first, only the simple floral print catches your eye, and then the more you look, the more you see. Much like when you actually start thinking about a fairy tale and its deeper meaning, you discover its more disturbing message.


The owl is so cute I want to cry! I’m so pathetic… but then again, if you don’t, you clearly have a heart of stone.
Remember, fairy tales were ultimately meant to scare young children. And this collection also scares any fashionista – it possesses the frightening power to immediately bankrupt even the most frugal of us.
Good luck resisting D & G’s charms. I know I can’t (sob).


p.s. If you’ve noticed any humor and intelligence in this post, it comes from my contributor Victoria. I’m only slightly joking. šŸ™‚
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