Salvatore Ferragamo: Classic with a Twist

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the iconic Italian brands. For this reason it is necessary that designer Massimiliano Giornetti adheres to the brand’s established aesthetic and not stray too far from its core. Giornetti has attempted to innovate or update the classics in the past, but he was not always successful. For example, last season’s play on cut and proportion felt forced.

This time he has struck the right balance between innovation and tradition.

The capes and dresses are basic Ferragamo. And the shoes are impossible to resist!

Here is a great structural dress with a luxe leather lining. Sophistication is key. The top is classic, but rendered modern through its unusual material and structure.


There was also a recurring theme of the revealing aspect of clothing. It doesn’t only reveal its wearer’s personal style, but also their underlying personality. Here, for example, the dress and coat are slit, thus revealing a surprising pattern and cut that would otherwise have been hidden.



Clothing is power! And when it is understood, it is a force to be feared and admired. Giornetti understands this well.

There was also a sizable amount of animal print in the collection. I thought it was rather well done, even though I generally view the Ferragamo woman as being too sleek to wear such prints.


Very luxe!

The collection ended with riskier pieces that had been dipped into metallic paint. Here is a good example:


Am I the only one who thinks this skirt looks disconcertingly similar to the ones found on Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2014 runway? Nevertheless, it is still striking.

This is the collection’s final look:


This is a truly beautiful piece. Notice the length – very trendy.

Giornetti has added depth to the Ferragamo brand. He doesn’t wish to be constrained by the past, and he has proven it with this collection.



p.s. I have been doing reviews of collections most of the time because it is fashion season. But now that it is soon over (sob) I will be blogging about other fashion-related things as well. Are there anything specific topics you’d like me to post about? I’d love to hear from you! ❤


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