Simone Rocha: Anne Boleyn Goes Punk (!)

Anne Boleyn was executed almost 500 years ago yet almost everyone still recognizes her name. She is a seductress – the woman who spurred Henry VIII to create a new religion just so he could marry her – yet also a figure of undeniable tragedy. After she failed to produce a male heir to the British throne she was executed and promptly replaced with another wife.
Simone Rocha’s collection captures the contradictions embedded in the character of Boleyn. She is feminine, sophisticated, and beautiful but also possesses a will of iron, ingenuity, and determination. It is her beauty that ensnares the King and ultimately leads to her downfall.
There is a certain aura of windsweptness (if that word exists) and barely contained beauty in Rocha’s collection. The hair is blown about the face but still tied back in what was once probably an elaborate hairdo. The show begins simply with black dresses reminiscent of the Elizabethan age. Here is a good example:

Reserved yet alluring at once. Also very wearable and practical – the shoes are flats! Major trend alert.
But she can’t be too practical, she still has to seduce a king! Notice how the clothing is delicate and feminine while also possessing a certain character and structure:

She decides what she reveals, nothing more. Control is key.
Then there is the plaid. It takes a daring woman to wear this:

And the show culminates with an awe-inspiring array of dresses in an unforgettable shade of red.

This is definitely an editorial piece. I suspect it will be toned down for retail.
All in all, this is a great collection. The Anne Boleyn theme is consistent throughout and establishes an emotional connection with the audience. Who does not desire seduction and power? But then we are forced to remember her tragic end…
Though I certainly don’t predict any tragedy for Simone Rocha! The future of her brand looks bright.


p.s. I also loved Christopher Kane and Burberry this London season. Do you think I should review them? Tell me in the comments below! ❤


8 thoughts on “Simone Rocha: Anne Boleyn Goes Punk (!)

  1. yes I love the way you write, so funny and clear and intelligent.more blogs like this one would make me happy. liked the historical references

    1. you caught me! i love history – i am especially fascinated by the french revolution. if you do too i suggest that you read some Stefan Zweig, he is a great writer and philosopher. his biographies of marie stuart and marie antoinette are simply superb.
      thanks for reading! xx.

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