The Row NYFW Fall 2014

Quietude and downplayed luxury were key concepts at Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s collection this week.

Although I doubt people would remain quiet for long if you wore this in Central Park:

10-02-14 #1

To be quiet honest, the two opening looks were a shock. They definitely represented a strong departure from the Olsen sisters’ sleek looks of the past. Though keep in mind, the above look is done all in cashmere, and knowing the Row, it must be the best.

To my relief, the later looks were more consistent with the Row’s established aesthetic. The later outfits were streamlined and mostly uni-colored. It is interesting that the loose flowing skirts, mostly ankle length, had a certain structural quality. This was emphasized by the exotic derby shoes that accompanied each look. They grounded the ensemble and added a certain aura of determination to the collection.

Here is a great example:

10-02-14 #2

The bags were simply superb! They are wonderfully crafted out of exotic materials in conservative, yet also unique shapes. Warning: their beauty might cause hyperventilation.

The Olsens mostly did skirts and dresses, but the few pants they did are likely to dot the fashion landscape in the coming months. They seem to be the feminine equivalent of what Thom Browne did to menswear. Notice the length:

10-02-14 #3

Overall, this collection is a resounding success. Most importantly, it is utterly wearable (except for the first two looks). The bits of fur added to some ensembles were a gentle reminder of The Row’s innate sense of luxe.



p.s. Congratulations to the model that remained perfectly poised while being accosted at the Proenza Schouler show by a man streaking the catwalk wearing nothing except for a leopard print G-string! In case you are wondering, the man was soon removed by the police. Nobody knows why he did this, though I am wondering how he got into Proenza Schouler in the first place!


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